khuranakitchen " How to make Poori with Flour | Recipe by Dimple Khurana

How to make Poori with Flour | Recipe by Dimple Khurana

How to make Poori with Flour  

How to make Poori with Flour

Puri-Chole is eaten in many states of India, especially in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Puri-Chole is liked by people of all ages, and children also eat it with great interest. So, today we will learn to make poori with flour at home, which is very easy.


Flour - 300 Gram
Salt – as per taste

Method of making Poori with flour - How to make Poori with Flour

How to make Poori with Flour
How to make Poori with Flour

First, we knead the dough for puri, for this take a plate, and put flour in it, add salt as per your taste to the flour and add some ghee, adding ghee makes the puri soft. Now mix all these ingredients well. After this add some water to it and start kneading it. Note that the dough should remain firm, so add water little by little. Now take out your kneaded dough in a big bowl and keep it covered for about half an hour.

After half an hour, take the dough and knead the dough a little more by applying some ghee on your hands. Now we start making puri, for this we will make small round balls of the dough using our palm. Now we will make small round balls from all the flour and keep them in a plate and cover them, keeping them covered will prevent the balls from drying up.

Now we start frying the puris, for this take a pan and put it on the gas, light the gas. Now put ghee in this pan, and let the ghee heat up.

Now take a round ball of dough and place it on a rolling pin and make puri with a rolling pin, note, before rolling the puri, a little ghee must be applied on the rolling pin as well, so that the rolling pin moves properly, and the puri becomes round and uniform. We will start rolling the poori from the middle, and then roll it from the edges, because of this the poori will not be thin in the middle and will become uniform.

How to make Poori with Flour

Now we check whether our ghee is hot or not. For this, take a little flour and put it in ghee, if the flour remains at the bottom of the pan, it means that the ghee is not hot yet, and if the flour starts floating on top of the ghee and starts frying, then understand that the ghee is hot. Note that the ghee should be well heated, only then the poori will be put in it, it will make good poori. Now put the poori in the hot ghee, and with the help of a spatula or ladle, press it a little and puff it up and turn the poori upside down, until its color becomes slightly golden. As soon as the color of your puri turns golden, take it out in a plate. Similarly, make puris of all the round pedas you have made and keep them on a plate.

How to make Poori with Flour

Serve the poori with chickpeas, and if there is halwa, then the eater will enjoy it. By the way, we can eat puri with other vegetables like puri aloo, puri matar paneer.

Important Tips
- Roll out the poori well, neither too thick nor too thin, even.
- Keep the dough hard for poori.
- The ghee should be hot when you fry the pooris.
- If you like ajwain, then you can add some ajwain while kneading the dough for puri, this will increase the taste of puri even more.

In this recipe, we are going to eat poori with chickpeas, so we are making it plain. We can make puri in other ways like green puri (by adding coriander, spinach, or fenugreek), red puri (by adding beetroot). I will share the recipe of all these with you in my upcoming article. Till then you eat poori chole and enjoy it.

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