khuranakitchen " Sweet Flour Pudding | Make flour pudding at home | Aate Ka Halwa Recipe

Sweet Flour Pudding | Make flour pudding at home | Aate Ka Halwa Recipe

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 

Sweet Flour Pudding | Make flour pudding at home | Aate Ka Halwa Recipe in English

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe

Aate Ka Halwa (Sweet Flour Pudding), especially the word halwa, makes us want to eat it. Often, we make prasad of flour pudding for worship. Whenever I go to Gurudwara, I definitely take halwa prasad because I like halwa very much, I have full hope that you people too must have gone to gurudwara sometime or the other and must have eaten halwa prasad there.

So, let's make that halwa at home today, because everyone in my house likes sweets very much, that's why some or the other sweet is prepared in our house like Ras-Malai, Rasgulla, Chhaina Murki and many more, all these recipes I will share with you in my upcoming article. For the time being, today I am teaching you to make flour pudding, that too in a very easy language, after reading which you will make the pudding, after eating it you yourself will say wow! What pudding is made.


Wheat flour - 1 bowl

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 1

Ghee - 1 bowl
Sugar - 1 cup or as per taste
Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 2

Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Cashew - 5-6
Almonds - 5-6
Water - 2 bowl

Easy way to make flour pudding:

First, we will take a big pan and put it on the gas and light the gas, note that in the Aate Ka Halwa recipe, you must light the gas on low flame only.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 3

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 4

When the pan becomes hot, put ghee in it and let the ghee melt.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 5

When the ghee melts, add wheat flour to it.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 6

Mix the wheat flour well in the ghee and keep stirring it well with a big spoon or ladle.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 7

If you find the amount of ghee less, then you can add more ghee to it, note that the batter being prepared should be thin and not thick.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 8

When the color of the flour becomes light brown and you can smell it, then it is time to add sugar syrup to the flour pudding.

It will take about 15 minutes to roast the flour, in the meantime we will also make sugar syrup for it, but keep in mind that while making sugar syrup, do not forget to mix the flour with a ladle.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 9

To make sugar syrup, we will take a pan and put water and sugar in that pan and put it on the gas and light the gas.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 10

After some time, you will see that the sugar has completely dissolved in the water, then we will turn off the gas. Our sugar syrup is ready.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 11

After 15 minutes, when our flour is roasted and aroma starts coming from it, mix sugar syrup in it while stirring, keep in mind that you will stir with one hand and mix syrup in it with the other hand, so that there are no lumps in the flour.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 12

After adding the syrup, if you keep stirring it continuously.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 13

You will see that your dough which was very thin before adding the syrup, will start thickening automatically. You must stir the ladle until your halwa is ready and becomes thick.

Aate Ka Halwa Recipe 14

When your halwa becomes thick and starts to set, then understand that your halwa is now ready.

Now take out the halwa on a beautiful plate.


You put chopped cashews, pistachios, almonds and cardamom powder on top of the halwa and serve it to your family or guests at home.

Important Tips:

  • Always keep the gas flame low while making halwa. While making halwa, the ladle must be stirred continuously.
  • While making the sugar syrup, make sure that the sugar dissolves completely in the water.
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Aate Ka Sweet Halwa by Dimple Khurana

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