khuranakitchen " Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe in English by Dimple Khurana

Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe in English by Dimple Khurana

 Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe

Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe
Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe

Today is Holi and you know that every festival is celebrated with great pomp in India, so today the festival of Holi was celebrated very well in our house too. Due to Holi, today our whole family was at home the whole day. In the evening with tea, everyone told me to cook something good, but because of Holi, I was so tired and unable to make anything, but because of everyone was hungry, I had to make something. That's why I thought that I would make Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe and serve it to everyone, because it is very easy and quick to make, and everyone likes it with tea.

So, today I will teach you how to make Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe in my Punjabi style very easily.


Gram flour - 1 bowl
Onion - 2
Potato - 2
Salt - as per taste
Eed chilli
Black pepper
Green chilly
Coriander - half teaspoon

Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe

First, we will take a vessel and put gram flour in it. Then we will make a mixture by adding water to this gram flour, keep in mind that the mixture should not be thin, so add water little by little.

Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe 1

Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe 2

After preparing gram flour mixture, we will add finely chopped onions, finely chopped potatoes, green chilies, and coriander to it.

Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe 3

After this, salt, red chili and black pepper will be put in this mixture as per taste. Now mix this mixture well.

Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe 4

Now we will take a pan and put oil in it and put it on the gas and burn the gas on medium flame.

Crispy Potato Onion Pakoda Recipe 5

When the oil becomes hot, we will put the gram flour and potato-onion mixture that we had made in the oil little by little, put only that many pakoras in the pan as can easily come in it.
Now keep stirring those pakoras with a ladle until they turn golden brown.

When you feel that your pakoras are starting to look golden brown, take them out of the pan and keep them in a beautiful plate. Make more dumplings with the remaining mixture.

Now you can put chaat masala on it and serve it with mint green chutney or sauce.

Special Tips:

  • The gas must be run on medium flame otherwise the pakoras will not be cooked and will remain raw from inside due to which their taste will be lost.
  • Do not dilute the mixture too much.
  • Make fine pieces of potatoes and onions, otherwise the potatoes and onions will remain raw, and the gram flour applied on them will burn.

What are the benefits of eating fritters?
People whose BP is low, such people should eat more quantity of pakoras, because gram flour is a good source of protein.

Do Pakodas cause weight gain?
If you eat deep-fried or market-made pakoras in large quantities, then eating pakodas can increase your weight. That's why it is good that you make pakoras at home and eat them in small quantities only for taste.

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Crispy Potato Onion by Dimple Khurana.

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