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How to make Cheese Egg Omelette in Easy Way

Cheese Egg Omelette in Easy Way

How to make Cheese Egg Omelette in Easy Way (Step-By-Step)

Cheese Egg Omelette
Cheese Egg Omelette

Cheese Egg Omelette in Easy Way 

A cheese egg omelette is very easy to make but it is also very difficult for those who do not know how to cook. Apart from this, nowadays people are very busy with their work, they do not even get time to cook, so they mostly eat outside food, and you know how harmful it is to our health.

Then such people who eat food from outside or who do not know how to cook think that they should get something that they can make easily, and it is also tasty. 

Keeping such people in mind, today I am going to tell you a very easy recipe, which will not take much time and will also taste good. Although nowadays everyone eats eggs , some people still consider it non-veg. 

Well, this recipe is very good for those who like to eat eggs. So let me tell you how to make a cheese egg omelette with step-by-step photos.


Egg – 2 pieces
Salt – 1/4 tsp
Water - 2 spoons
Cheese – 2 tbsp
Cheese Egg Omelette 1

Onion – 1/2
Green chili - 2
Black pepper - 1/4 tsp

Recipe of Cheese Egg Omelette

Cheese Egg Omelette 2

First, take a bowl or glass and break both the eggs into it. 

Cheese Egg Omelette 3

Then add chopped onions and green chilies to it. 

Cheese Egg Omelette 4

After this add a little salt as per taste, a little black salt as per taste, a little red chili as per taste and mix it well with a spoon.

After this add some water to it, adding water has the advantage that the omelette becomes soft. If you want, you can also use a little milk instead of water, this also makes the omelette soft and fluffy.

Cheese Egg Omelette 5

Now take a pan and put it on the gas and light the gas. When the pan becomes slightly hot, put some cheese in it and let the cheese melt. When the cheese melts, pour the egg batter in the bowl or glass in which we made it into the pan and spread it all over the pan.

Cheese Egg Omelette 6

Note that we must cook the omelette on medium flame for 2 minutes, after 2 minutes turn it over and let it cook for a few more seconds. 

Cheese Egg Omelette 7

When the omelette is cooked properly, it will start to appear golden yellow in colour. When the omelette starts turning golden yellow in color, turn off the gas and take out the omelette in a plate.

Now your omelette is ready, now put some black pepper and chaat masala on it, this will increase the taste of omelette.

Cheese Egg Omelette 8

You can eat omelette with tomato sauce, if you want you can eat it with bread too.

Important Tips

  • Adding a little water or a little milk to the eggs will make the omelette very soft.
  • Always make omelette by keeping the gas on medium flame.
  • Always add black pepper after the omelette is done, otherwise black pepper may stick in your throat.

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Cheese Egg Omelette by Dimple Khurana

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